Edmonton Concrete Driveway

Edmonton Concrete Driveway

Sieben Cement offers Edmonton Concrete Finishing Services

Sieben Cement Contractors offers a variety of Edmonton Concrete Finishing options.

Sieben Cement Contractors has been finishing concrete for over 60 years and we have the tools and the best people in the business to ensure your Edmonton Concrete Finishing job is top notch, always.

Our Quality Concrete Finishing Services include:

1.) Polished Concrete Finishes

Polished concrete surfaces are general used when it comes to wanting to requiring a decorative finish. Concrete placement and finishing techniques are the be all end all for a job well done and are required to ensure a quality finished project. Our team team of experienced tradespeople specialize in the placement, polishing and sealing of polished concrete surfaces.

Edmonton Concrete Finishing

2.) Exposed Aggregate Concrete Finishes

Exposed Aggregate features various types of aggregates and creates a unique looks and style. Exposed aggregates are slip resistant and add a creative, sturdy surface with style and class – ideal for slabs, community areas, gardens, pool decks, patios, pathways and driveways.

Exposed aggregate concrete finishes include: water washing, abrasive blasting, acid etching & stencil blasting.

Alot of our clients select the exposed aggregate “water wash off technique” finish. Applying this technique will remove the top cement surface layer by brushing & flushing ofd the surface with water. The choice of aggregates is endless so you can select a customized-to-you look for your space.

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3.) Colored Concrete

Coloured concrete offers a decorative, unique and durable surface. The color pallet / options available are endless and this type of finishing can be applied quickly, maintenance is easy and and it’s cost effective.

Edmonton Concrete Finishing

4.) Stencilled / Stamped Concrete

Want to make a lasting impression? If so, stamped or stencilled concrete is definitely the way to go! Stamped concrete is generally used for poll surroundings, patios, walkways and stairs, and a highly selected option for stunning driveways too! The patterns are endless and it offers a durability that paving stone cannot bolster. Call us today to learn more about all of your options for stamped or stencil based concrete finishing in the Greater Edmonton areas.

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5.) Plain / Broom Finished Concrete

Even though the word plain seems basic and ordinary, Sieben Cement contractor’s  plain concrete finishing option is a stunning, slip-resistant option for your concrete needs. Wether you leave it as is or select a broom finish, our dedicated crews are experienced and have the skills to create an outcome that your neighbours will be envious of. This stunning, modern grey finish can be used for all concrete applications and wont let you down when it comes to sustainability and durability.

Edmonton Concrete Finishes

If you are looking into having a new concrete installed and are looking for the best in Edmonton Concrete Finishing, call our team to learn more or to set up a FREE Estimate.

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Edmonton Concrete Driveway

Edmonton Concrete Driveway Services

Whatever your choice may be for a new or updated Edmonton concrete driveway, it’s important to use the right contractor and to have a detailed plan of what you would like your driveway to look like. With an emphasis on quality and great service, our concrete driveway solutions will meet or exceed your expectations.

How well your driveway looks and performs long-term is largely related to the quality of workmanship. Freeze and thaw cycles can crack and damage concrete fairly substantially over time if it’s not maintained properly, but the good news is is that it won’t take much effort on your part to keep it looking its best for many years to come. A properly installed concrete driveway with regularly scheduled maintenance can last up to 35 years. Concrete should be sealed every 3 to 5 years  to slow down the deterioration process to protect from salt and magnesium chloride and a Sieben Cement Contractors concrete driveway maintenance plan is paramount.

If you are looking into having a new driveway installed, you’ll find out that you are no longer limited to a monotonous grey surface.


Edmonton Concrete Driveway Services

Coloured concrete driveway

Coloured concrete comes in a vast array of patterns and colours. Our concrete coloring products are the highest quality from the leading concrete product suppliers so you can be sure that your concrete stays vibrant and beautiful through the lifetime of your concrete driveway. An acid type stain application for example penetrates deeply into the concrete surface, producing a fade-resistant color that wont flake or peel.

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Edmonton Concrete Driveway Contractor

Cut Concrete driveway

Decorative concrete cutting, offers a variety of options for aesthetic value and adheres to crack mitigation control. Cut concrete patterns can be general or very detailed into a customized pattern.

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Stamped concrete driveway

A Stamped concrete driveway is perfect when you’re looking for a more of a creative and personal choice as you’re able to select your preferred colors, design and pattern. A stamped concrete driveway provides the appearance of many other materials such as pavers, brickwork, slate, tiles, or stone to give your driveway a unique charm.

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Plain concrete driveway

A plain concrete driveway is widely used because of its durability. By adding cut lines, borders or a custom shape you’re able to add character to this style of concrete driveway.

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Edmonton polished concrete driveway

Polished concrete driveway

The natural concrete look with a mirror finish is in high demand today and with an added coloring or decorative saw cuts you can create a custom look to compliment your space. The glossy finish provides good light reflectivity and offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

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